Time You Found Out What We Are Made Of.

What’s with the name?

We’re not talking about our recipes.

We’re talking about our story. Our journey to this point - from initial brainwave to products on the shelf - and the purpose that drives us.

Oh, and if you were wondering about the name (admit it, you were, weren’t you?), well we can explain that:

(Dop)pelganger + (Su)bstitute = Dopsu

We just figured a brand new product like ours needed a brand new word. It makes sense, right?

But - name aside - here’s a little taste of what makes Dopsu, Dopsu.

We’re on a mission.

For all of our innovation, Dopsu isn’t about revolution. It’s about revelation. About pushing a meaty resemblance waaaaay further than you might expect.

We’re not out to tell anyone what they can and can’t eat. But, what we are about is flavour, nutrition and environmental responsibility.

We know many people want to eat a bit less meat. We all want to reduce our carbon footprint. But we want that change to be easy for people to make.

A change, yes. But not a compromise.

Dopsu is our answer. A meatless game changer.

A way to cut down on the meat you eat, without cutting down on the flavours you love.

The Dopsu Downlow

Plant-based meat
that lives up to the name!* *as in, actually tastes like meat

To the

  • Chef hats on, aprons tied, pans out, knives out, spatulas at the ready.
  • All sorts of ingredients, flavours, textures and techniques.
  • Invention, experimentation, innovation.

Taste & texture just like meat!

BUT... (and it's a big but)* *who you callin' a big butt?

Can it be more sustainable?

Can it be lower in fat?

Can it be more nutritious?

Yes. Yes it can.

Back to the kitchenBack to the kitchen


hard graft!hard graft!


elbow grease!elbow grease!

Some puzzled chin-stroking.

Relentless running up and down steps in a grey marl tracksuit!*
*ah no, wait, that's just a Rocky montage

And then


Meatless meat that was:

High Protein

Low Fat

Soy Free

Palm Oil Free

But do the people agree?Yes, yes they do.

8.58/ 10

in the Wirral Sensory Services consumer tasting.

Is that good?

Yep. It's the BEST that's EVER been tested in the meatless category!*

*As of July 2021


So... off to market we go.* *like Jack, but without the cow, and with a better business strategy.

The world is our oyster!** **plant based, obvs.