Chick-in out some plant-based poultry inspiration

It might well be the most popular protein on the British dinner table, so it’s no surprise that chicken finds its way into a huge range of family favourites. It’s mixed up in our pastas and topping our pizzas. It’s filling our fajitas and burritos. It’s the star of the Sunday dinner, and the lean choice for a shawarma. We’re sticking it in sarnies and rolls, stews and soups. 

Basically, our tasty feathered friends are everywhere.

Which means… so is Dopsu!

Because our Dopsu No-Chicken pieces do everything chicken can. So if you fancy leaving the cluck behind for once, or for good, we’ve got you.

How about some of these plant-based takes on chicken faves?

…Dopsu No-Chicken as a vegetarian taco meat substitute, with crisp red onion and salsa.

…Flexitarian chicken bao, swapping in Dopsu topped with sweet chilli sauce and shredded cucumber.

…Sweet and sour stir fry with Dopsu No-Chicken pieces as the main event, plus pineapple of course.

…Salty and sweet Dopsu No-Chicken satay, served up on skewers for a dunkin’ good time.

Let us know your own Dopsu No-Chicken creations!