Dopsu World Food Challenge with Fred Sirieix

We’re always on the lookout for new ways to funk up flexi diets. That’s the whole idea behind Dopsu, after all! A top-notch plant-based alternative that works anywhere meat does. So that means Dopsu needs to work anywhere… in the world! A best mate for big flavours from cuisines across the globe. 

That was the challenge we set six foodie influencers. Bring your best recipes from around the world, all done the Dopsu way. To raise the stakes, we also gathered a crack team of judges led by none other than l’Ambassadeur de Dopsu, Fred Sirieix. Totting up the scores were Matt Pritchard (AKA The Dirty Vegan), bestselling author and chef Sabrina Ghayour, and Dermott Slade, Dopsu’s Head of Culinary Innovation.

There were smiles. There were spatulas. There were burnt onions. There were (rapidly and safely extinguished) flames. There were monstrous burritos. There were multiple different pronunciations of Gochujang.

Did our foodie heroes deliver on the day…? That’s a rhetorical question. They did. 

Oli (otherwise known as Elburritomonster) conjured up, you guessed it, a monster No-Beef burrito. Who doesn’t love stuffing things with chips? Well, Sabrina it turns out. Weird. Zainab went two ways with No-Duck, hitting just the right crunchy and cool notes. Then came Verna with Sticky Gochujang Fried No-Chicken, which was a serious slice of Korean goodness. Niken dished up a Turkish No-Lamb Pizza which disappeared in seconds. Rene’s No-Chicken submission came in the form of a classic Katsu Curry, and Ed topped things off with Sweet and Sour No-Pork ready to replace even the finest Friday night takeaway.

And the winner? Drumroll…

Zainab! She fooled Fred into thinking it was real duck. Sabrina loved the crispy and tender textures. The Dirty Vegan offered a series of enthusiastic hand gestures. Cucumber sticks never tasted so good, honestly.

Take a look at the video…