For an easier plant-based January

Christmas is over! 

Now, whether that makes you weep into your novelty Christmas napkins, or do a little dance as you gleefully shove the decorations back into the loft, the chances are you’ll be wanting a break from all that seasonal face-stuffing.

As a result, lots of people throw themselves headlong into some sort of dietary change. And often these days that change has a veggie or vegan slant. It might be something regular like meat-free Mondays, or it might even be the full Veganuary experience.

As purveyors of fine plant-based meat, both sound great to us! However, there’s also part of us that want the whole meat-free thing to not just be for one month of the year, or even restricted to one day a week. Not because initiatives like those aren’t a great intro to meat-free and plant-based, but because there’s an implication that by doing so you are somehow restricting yourself. As though by going meat-free you are always somehow going  without. Then again, maybe that problem is in-built into the terminology of ‘meat-free’ in the first place – plant-based is probably a better way to go in that sense.

To us, choosing to eat plant-based foods rather than meat (in whatever frequency best fits your lifestyle) shouldn’t be a test of willpower, it should be about enjoyment. From our experience as plant-based connoisseurs, whether you’re already committed to veganism or just dipping a toe (tongue?) into flexitarianism, it’s only ever sustainable if the meat alternatives are genuine alternatives. Which is a long way of saying: they need to be just as tasty and easy to prepare and flexible as meat is.

Which, frankly, brings us right to Dopsu. Because in the wake of Christmas – which is always a time of overindulgence in the kitchen – Dopsu is tailor made to allow people who may have made some hasty plant-based resolutions to make sure it’s not just another dietary flash in the pan. All of our products have been designed for super easy-peasy swap-ins, meaning that you can easily use them in lots of classic everyday meaty dishes, and enjoy them just as much, with no extra hassle.

For example, our Dopsu No-Chicken pieces are a perfect substitute for diced chicken breast in things like stir-frys and pasta dishes. Our Dopsu No-Beef pieces aren’t just imitation beef, but a good-to-go vegetarian taco meat substitute, or meat substitute for chilli con carne. Our Dopsu No-Pork pieces can be used as a pulled pork substitute while our Dopsu No-Duck pieces even work for creating versions of takeaway favourites like vegan Peking duck.

So, if you’re looking to make your diet a little more plant-based this Jan (and beyond!) make sure you put some Dopsu in your trolley.