We promised a kebabaganza. And that’s EXACTLY what occurred.

(You know things have gone well when you can confidently claim an event has delivered against a totally made up word). 

But that’s the dang truth, people! 

Our Kebab a la Karte pop-up – with brand ambassador Fred Sirieix Frenchily dropping his ‘h’s and generally charming the bum bags off the good folk of Shoreditch – went down like that bit in Back To The Future when Michael J Fox invents rock ‘n’ roll and the crowd goes doolally.

In other words, IT WENT WELL.

For those who didn’t catch it on the day, the pop-up was about a) introducing as many people as possible to the greatness of Dopsu, and b) showing that plant-based eats can be a really fun, easy and delicious sub-in for meat … especially when applied to the hallowed kebab format and given away to the hungry hordes for FREE, with Fred beckoning you in and DJ Chris Benn banging out the tunes on the wheels of steel. 

I mean, when we put it like that, it’s the sort of temptation combo that’s borderline illegal. 

Oh, and by the way, when we used the word hordes – we meant it. Over the course of the day we had waaaay over 400 people through the door (after 400 the person we had counting just sort of wandered off) and over 23kgs of Dopsu sizzling away.

But I suppose the big question is this… did said hordes like it? Or were they just hypnotised through the doors by the classiest hype man since Fatman Scoop* gave it all up to become an agony uncle? 

Well, our vid of the day should tell you everything you need to know. So much gleeful mastication, you won’t know where to look.

*Whatchu mean Scoop wasn’t classy?