Let them eat ca… Dopsu.

Then let the people speak!

We did, and they said things like this:

It just tastes like meat and it looks like meat and I can imagine you’d be able to put it in all sorts.
Correct – you really can!

“It’s got a meat texture, definitely more than other meat alternatives I’ve had.”


“Mmm. Wow. That is really nice.”

Concise, straight to the point.

“I think if I didn’t know I might think it was chicken.”

Indeed! Even more like chicken than all the other things that people say taste like chicken.

“The texture’s definitely close to meat.”

Uh-huh – virtually identical if we do say so ourselves.

“I think it tastes really nice, the texture is good, the taste is good.”

Just like the packet says.

“It’s really nice, it definitely has met my expectations.”

Cool – next stop, exceeding them.

“That tastes really good.”

Yours to savour, my friend.

“That tastes like duck. That’s a very, very good substitute.”

More like a doppelganger, right? Props for the double very.

“So, I’m a big fan of that.”

So are we!

Direct quotes each and every one. REAL TALK.