No soy. No problem. Fancy saying bye to the bean?

If you’re trying to avoid meat – or just like the odd flexitarian swap – then soy is pretty ubiquitous. That’s a fancy word for ‘flippin’ everywhere’, and we can’t blame you for packing your shopping basket with plant-based products made from the popular bean.

On the surface, it’s got all the nutritious qualities you might be looking for in a meat alternative. There’s protein, a scattering of vitamins and minerals, and some fibre to keep you regular.

But many nutritionists advise saying bye to the bean – because soy harbours its fair share of health issues alongside the good stuff (according to some scientists, at least). It’s all been detailed in a deep dive by Good Housekeeping, where you can read all the details on the good and not so good found in soy.

Basically, it pays to do your own research – and to make your own dietary choices. Talk to your doctor, or check in with a qualified nutritionist to work out exactly what works for your health, and what doesn’t.

It’s all about choice – and that’s what we love at Dopsu. It’s why we developed our range of plant-based meat alternatives from vegetable protein, with no soy to be found. It’s just a simple thing you can stop worrying about, and if you are someone who doesn’t get on with soy… then even better!