Palm oil is a problem. So you won’t find any in Dopsu!

Not all of us pay attention to the small print – the ingredients and inclusions in the food we fill our supermarket trolley with. It’s no surprise, given the average supermarket shopping doesn’t exactly have the time to get the magnifying glass out, or google every last bamboozling term or claim.

But there are a few things well worth avoiding. And palm oil is one of them.

Unsurprisingly, it’s a vegetable oil from palm trees. Or ‘Elaeis guineensis’ if you’re feeling scientific. It’s found in all sorts of household products, from shampoo and lipstick to peanut butter and… yes, you guessed it, vegetarian or vegan meat alternatives (but not Dopsu!). You might actually find it in up to 50% of packaged products on the supermarket shelves!

The problem is, unscrupulous production is a HUGE driver of deforestation – the chopping down of trees in places like Indonesia and Malaysia, where 85% of palm oil is produced. And forests do all sorts of good things for the environment, from clamping down on carbon to providing a habitat for animals like the Orangutan. Basically, it’s a sustainability nightmare.

But what’s to be done?

You’ve got two options. Find responsibly sourced palm oil products, like those listed by the WWF, or… don’t. Just don’t buy stuff with palm oil in! 

Dopsu takes the easy way out. We just don’t use it. We spent hours and hours in the development kitchen finding meat free recipes that work without palm oil. So you don’t have to get the reading glasses out in the middle of the freezer aisle and scan the small print.

You see Palm Oil Free. You stick it in the basket. You go home guilt free.