The Dopsu Big Summer Switcheroo is ON.

It’s BBQ season. Across the land people are getting their tongs out, eagerly fondling charcoal and being liberal with the lighter fluid.

But this summer it’s a little bit different – and not just because we’re actually allowed to see people. No, we’re upping the ante and challenging you to help us prove the meat-mimicking power of the Dopsu No-Beef Burger.

How? Through a little bit of undercover action. A dollop of summer subterfuge. A dash of the double agent. So whether you’re hosting the bbq yourself, or attending someone else’s, we’re asking you to infiltrate the cooking supplies, and slip our No-Beef burgers amidst its meaty brethren. In other words – by hook or by crook – get some Dopsu No-Beef Burgers on the grill! 

The aim, my sneaky friends, is for people not to notice what you’ve done. For them to not notice the difference on the grill, in the bun, in the mouth or in the tum. 

Our guess is that as long as your stealth game is on point… they won’t. And when that happens – when they’ve munched it down and said things like DANG, I LOVE MEAT! and OHHH JUICY JUICY – we want to hear about it! We want your photos, your testimony and, if they are cool with it, photos and comments from those you’ve fooled!

So, why take the challenge? Four reasons:

  1. This be a great showcase for your potential career at GCHQ
  2. Because you’ll be helping us prove the undeniable meatiness of our No-Beef Burgers
  3. And last but not least, because we’ll send you enough Dopsu to keep your BBQs sizzling all summer long!

Send your challenge debriefs, mission reports, evidence and stories to our social media feeds @DopsuFood.