So, What’s in it?

The short and simple answer is vegetable protein.

But that doesn’t really do justice to our team of foodies and chefs who’ve pushed the boundaries of what meatless meat can be.

What’s not in it?

Well, meat, obvs.

Or any dairy (it’s a vegan friendly operation we’ve got going on here). But we’re also very pleased to say that there’s no soy or palm oil either, which is awesome for our carbon footprint.

Is it nutritious?

Given that it looks, cooks and tastes just like meat, you won’t be surprised to find out that it’s also very nutritionally similar - with a few added bonuses.

Here’s a closer look:


Dopsu is low in sugar...but so are chicken, beef and pork!


Dopsu is really high in protein, with only slightly less per 100g than chicken.

Saturated fat

Dopsu is low in sat fat - equivalent to lean chicken, and much less than you might find in other meat too.


This is the Brucey bonus...Dopsu has nearly five times the fibre of chicken per 100g.

Is it sustainably produced?

Being tasty, nutritious and just like meat was never enough.

The last piece of the puzzle was making sure that our sustainability and environmental credentials were what they needed to be. It was as big a part of our mission as anything else.
But we got there! Firstly, we made sure soy and palm oil was not on the ingredients list. Secondly, we focused on our carbon usage and outputs.
Once we were confident we’d made good progress, we commissioned a cradle-to-gate lifecycle report* with Carbon Analytics.
We’re delighted to say that everything came up roses...
Indeed our overall carbon footprint is 70% less than chicken*.