We see you veggies, shaking that cress.

Now, our thing isn’t really about vegetarianism. At least not on ideological grounds. We’re cool with meat, we just want to help people eat a bit less of it.

But the thing is, Dopsu is vegetarian (and vegan). And we also know that vegetarians can be vegetarians for loads of different reasons. So, if you’re okay with us not banging the drum for a meatless world, we can totally offer a whole load of great dinner options.

And given that it’s Veggie Week, we thought we’d lean into it a little, and not talk quite so much about what a great replacement Dopsu is for meat, but rather what a great option it can be in a vegetarian diet – especially when you’re short of time and inspiration. You know, those days when you haven’t got time to do delicious things to a butternut squash, or when your roster of meals has become a little stale and boring. That’s exactly when Dopsu can come into its own. By all means introduce it into your own veggie recipes, but if that sounds too much like hard work… we’ve got loads of recipes for you here.

And that’s the thing, because Dopsu isn’t just tasty and convenient if you like eating meat. It’s tasty and convenient full stop. So yes, veggies, we’ve neglected you a bit, mainly because you’re already doing your meatless, plant-based thing.

But remember this, we’re here when you need us!