What’s No-Chicken – And why should you give a cluck?

It’s the best chicken substitute you can buy and it’s designed to be the ideal healthy meat alternative for vegetarians, vegans and flexitarians.

But what actually is it? Well, primarily it’s made of vegetable protein. Admittedly, it doesn’t sound like a chicken-y combination but it sure eats like one. Which really is a testament to our development chefs’ understanding of food science – and how texture and taste is all about balance and a deep understanding of ingredients.

But perhaps more important than the recipe itself are the nutritional and environmental credentials that the recipe delivers – especially in comparison to chicken. It broadly matches the high protein content and low saturated fat content of lean chicken, but throws in five times the levels of fibre per 100g. And in terms of its environmental creds, its carbon footprint is 72% lower than chicken.

So that’s all good!

That’s said, none of it would be much good if it wasn’t great to eat – and this is the bit where we’re feeling very smug. Because amazing taste and texture really is our thing. It’s the bit that makes Dopsu No-Chicken (and Dopsu in general) stand out from the crowd, and also why we are so confident that Dopsu is going to be a hit for everyone whether they eat meat or not. For those that do, it’s an awesome no-compromise way to reduce their meat consumption, for those that don’t it’s essentially a whole new food group! 

So why should you give a cluck? Because you’d be mad not to.