Why Dopsu can make eating green taste better

These days, most of us would class ourselves as ‘conscious’ eaters. Meaning that while we don’t always have the same views as one another, pretty much all of us care about what we eat and where it comes from.

But being a conscious eater can be a bit stressful. For example, it means you have to check stuff, understand issues and, more often than not, make judgement calls. Which can be a bit much when standing in a supermarket aisle feeling hungry.

With all that in mind, we can at least put your mind to rest about a couple of them. Obviously Dopsu is a totally plant-based meat imitation or alternative, which makes it an option for everybody (veggies, vegans, flexitarians welcome!). But it’s also 100% soy and palm oil free, which happen to be some of the most controversial nasties the conscious eater needs to look out for. Controversial in the sense that there’s virtually no debate about the harm they do to the natural world – particularly in relation to deforestation.

The way we see it, it would be pretty annoying to have gone to the effort to increase the amount of plant-based meals you have for environmental reasons, only to find that the plant-based alternative you’ve chosen helps contribute to deforestation and all these negative global consequences.

But with us at Dopsu you can breathe easy on that front.

No soy, no palm oil, no how, no way.