Why flexis have all the fun.

Some people have really strong views, beliefs and philosophies about what they eat. Which is great – good for them!

But. The truth is that most people don’t have such strong views. They mainly want to eat things that taste good, are nutritious enough…and don’t overly harm the world in the making.

It’s actually surprisingly hard to achieve all three of those things all the time – and it’s for that reason that being a flexitarian really comes into its own. Because at heart, it’s about balance and moderation. You can eat meat, but you’re just trying to do it a bit less often. And if you’re eating meat less often, it means you’re going to have to be eating something else a little more.

Which is where being a flexitarian is great. Because it means that eating less meat isn’t some tricky cold turkey, temptation-strewn, withdrawal process, but a chance to broaden the parameters of your diet. That might mean getting to know vegetables a little better, but it also might mean being clever with your meat replacements.

Speaking of clever meat replacements… whaddya know? It just so happens that in Dopsu, we’ve got the best tasting meat substitute around. It tastes identical to meat, and yet still qualifies as a vegan dinner. Which is a pretty crazy double-up when you think about it, as well as offering a world of opportunity for your average person giving flexitarianism a go. Because Dopsu has Pork, Chicken, Lamb, Duck and Beef alternatives covered, it means you have your full repertoire of the kitchen options on the table. You can have your miso and tofu ramen; you can have your full-on beef sirloin; but you can also have your go-to chicken & leek pie – just with Dopsu No-Chicken rather than chicken.

And that’s why flexitarianism doesn’t have to be about giving up anything at all – it can actually be about having a bit more foodie fun.