Why it’s time to bring Meat Free Mondays to your dinner table

If you’re looking to make a change in your weekly meal plan, then it can sometimes seem a bit daunting, especially if you’re trending towards the more vegetarian or vegan side of things. You’re looking down the shopping list, but it’s full of stuff you like! Wednesday fajita night is sacred. So’s the Sunday dinner. And if you think anyone’s taking away that Friday night takeaway they’ve got another thing coming.

So here’s the secret strategy to get you mixing up your meal plan.

It’s time to embrace Meat Free Monday.

Here’s why…

It’s perfect to kick off your week

There’s no better way to take a leap than just to dive right in and crack on. So introducing tasty meat free swaps will be that little bit easier if you’ve got a week of familiarity to look forward to.

We know you’ll love serving up Dopsu No-Duck Pieces with your pancakes and hoi sin rather than stuff that once quacked, but if you’re dining in trepidation just do it!

Stick to your comfort zone

It’s no good starting out with curious meat free recipes filled with all sorts of ingredients and techniques you’ve only ever seen on Masterchef. Stick to your comfort zone instead!

Pick a firm favourite, whether it’s a simple beef stir fry or a sneaky roast pork sarnie, then make the swap! That’s why Dopsu is perfect for giving the must-cooks a plant-based twist. We’ve got a bunch of great recipes to check out if you’re looking for some inspo.

Everyone loves a #hashtag

Look, no-one likes an over-sharer. But it’s not a proper meal if you haven’t seen it on the ‘gram, right? Luckily, Meat Free Monday… or should we say #MeatFreeMonday is pretty big on foodie channels. 

So thumb through your apps and check out recipe ideas and inspiration. Plus a fair few beige plates of undercooked tofu of course. Then put everyone to shame with your insta-ready Dopsu creation!