Wirral in this together.

Dopsu x Wirral Sensory Services.

Why did we want to test Dopsu?
To see if it was as good as we thought it was. Before we allowed ourselves to get too excited about it we wanted to make sure that people agreed with us. So some rigorous consumer testing was a must.

Why Wirral Sensory Services?
Because they are the gold standard. Established 1997, they are authority in all things consumer testing, and the scoring system would give us an awesome point of comparison against other products on the market.

What is that scoring system?
Out of 10, with 7.0+ being a good score. For reference, an ‘indulgent dessert’ or something considered to be a treat would normally score between 7.5 and 8.

Go on, tell us what Dopsu scored…
8.58. Yes, 8.58. That was the average for the Dopsu product range. TASTY!

What else did they say?
Oh well, since you’ve asked, they also used the phrase ‘industry changing’ about us AND have given us their official product of excellence stamp.

So, there you go. Sorry if you knew all this before. Or if you are secretly developing your own ‘just like meat’ product and you now feel like there’s no point. Or if your product only got 8.57 in consumer testing.

But hey, we’re just enjoying our moment in the Wirral Sensory Services sun.